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Roma Arias Reborn Blanca

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Roma Arias Reborn Blanca

Every baby is special, but the Arias reborn babies are small works of art. Handmade in Spain, the dolls look like real babies.

Blanca has baby blue eyes and soft hand rooted hair. She is hand painted for the perfect skin tone, with little rosy cheeks and perfect fingernails.

We know that the arrival of your baby is a very special event. For this reason, each pack includes not only your Reborn baby but also a Family Book where you can include your baby's and your family's details. In addition, the pack incorporates a Certificate of Authenticity, which guarantees that your Reborn baby is unique in the world.


  • Blanca Doll
  • Outfit set
  • Family book
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The Arias collection of dolls is exclusively handmade in Spain. Each doll is carefully packaged in their own gift box.

100% OEC Made in Spain guarantee. ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality control.