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OXYGEN BAR SOAP is different from normal soap 100% no harmful chemical no BHT , no parabeans, no formaldehyde clinically proven omega light technology..

Glycerine is a thick substance made up of oxygen; hydrogen, and carbon ..all natural non toxic use glycerine to keep skin hydrated.
By using Oxygen Bar Soap its prevent dry patches from cropping up on your skin and keep it supple ..loss of moisture primary cause for ageing skin..

To make your skin smoother , whiter , remove dark spots, pimples, acne, face free from oily skin; dry face and wrinkles everyday using this soap formulated tested by Japan ...

Oxygen bar soap made from anti age plan complex; lumins derma complex; TREE PEONY root extract and BAIKAL skullcap Root extract ..cooling effect can give your skin a natural treatment instant white face and body ...Suitable for men and women anti aging smoothing and whitening ...
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