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Nuby Suregrip Astronaut Mat - Blue

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Nuby Suregrip Astronaut Mat - Blue

Make way for an out of this world suction mat that makes no spills and no mess. Perfect for hungry little astronauts and busy parents alike.  

  • Super suction base keeps mat in place 
  • Shape helps baby get food on the spoon
  • All one piece means super easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • BPA Free
  • Dimensions: 25 x 18cm

Made from squidgy silicone, it's tougher than you think & loves nothing more than to cling to a highchair tray or table. All you'll need to do is press down around the edges & your little one will eat more & wear less of their meal! The power is in your hands to decide when to lift off and take the mat away!

With the blue or green adventurous astronaut shape that'll keep your little one interested, the sections mean you can split out different foods & if you're feeling creative make some fun food combos that are Instagram worthy.

This silicone mat is damage proof, oven and microwave safe plus it's insulated so it'll keep food warmer for longer. Neat hey? 

When your toddler in training has filled their little tum tum & it's time for cleaning up, it's easy peasy as there's nothing to take apart & nowhere for food & germs to hide. Winning!

Look out for the matching cutlery to make your mealtimes full space themed.