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Nuby Fruitsicles Ice Pop Tray 2pk

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Nuby Fruitsicles Ice Pop Tray 2pk

We call frozen fresh fruit on a stick Fruitsicles here at Nuby HQ but whether you call them fruity ice pops, ice lollies, popsicles or something totally unique, they're amazing for hungry little ones who love trying new flavours & even teething babies to help soothe sore gums. 

  • Perfect tool for making puree popsicles at home
  • Helpful design catches any little drips
  • Dinky handles fit perfectly in little hands
  • Tasty and soothing for teething babies
  • BPA Free

Either use fresh homemade puree or your breast milk & pour into the moulds before you pop them inside the tray included & slot into your freezer. Our top tip for removing the fruitsicle when frozen is pouring a little warm water on the outside of the mould to get the full portion every time.

The perfectly shaped handles are ideal for small hands so your baby has control & can feed at their own speed. The clever design also catches any drips as they're getting stuck in.   

They're so brightly coloured making feeding even more fun & to top it off when your baby has  finished, they're really easy to clean so you can crack on with making more.

Boxed Contents: 1 x Fruitsicles Ice Pop Tray