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East Coast Nursery High Chairs & Cribs Furniture

East Coast Highchairs
East Coast Nursery Furniture
Will offer comfort and safety for your baby with there comprehensive range of wooden highchairs.
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Cafe Highchair with Removable Tray
Cafe Highchair with Removable Tray

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Charli Chair 2 in 1 Shower Chair
From the creators of the Charli Chair comes thelatest new product. Still with the original great features of the Charli Chair,only this time with the added comfort of a baby bath tub.
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East Coast Curve White Highchair
Curve Multi-Height White Wooden Highchair

The Curve Highchair is a versatile and long-lasting highchair, converting to a junior chair as your child grows.

It can be used with the black plastic tray or the bumper bar, which allows the chair to be pulled close to the table so your baby can join in with family meals. The seat and footrest heights are easy to adjust with a screw and slide mechanism, making the Curve highchair suitable for an older child.
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East Coast Nursery Cafe Highchair
Cafe Wooden Natural Highchair

The Cafe Highchair is a classically shaped highchair, and the simple shape without a tray means it can be pulled close to the table, so your baby can join in with family meals.

Itís suitable for use from around 6 months and includes a full safety harness. Café Highchairs can be stacked for storage, making them ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, busy childminders or parents with two or more young children. In a natural wood colour, to complement your home.