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C24/7 Natura-ceuticals Food Supplement AIM Global 10 capsule pack

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C24/7 Natura-ceuticals Food Supplement AIM Global 10 capsule pack

A breakthrough product from Nature’s Way, C24/7 is the most nutritionally dense food concentrate in the world market today! 

C 24/7 has the greatest number of antioxidants with approximately 22,000 phytonutrients in just 1 capsule using the Nanotechnology.  This wonderful product was formulated by 200 medical doctors, scientists and herbalists to make sure that all the nutrients will be carried perfectly in different parts of the body. 

With all the benefits of C24/7, you will surely protect your body from various diseases and illnesses like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart and other degenerative diseases.  It promotes longevity, detoxifies the body, rejuvenates the skin and reduces fatigue and stress. 
HIGH IN ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS - It also contains vitamins and minerals. All, the nutrients you need to function daily is in each capsule. One capsule of C24/7 is equivalent to 22,000 Phytonutrients and Phyto energizers. A round the clock nutrition such as 18 amino acids, 14 super green foods/spirulina blend, 12 whole fruits juice blend, 12 whole vegetables juice blend, 12 mushrooms, 12 digestive enzymes, 12 herds and specialty nutrients, 10 essential fatty acids, 5 anti-aging/ antioxidants enhancers, 4 longevity polyphenols/mega-resveratrol blend.