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Arias Deluxe Buggy Paris

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Arias Deluxe Buggy Paris

Classic Paris Arias Doll Buggy 40425

Practical and elegant, Classic Stroller to carry the dolls comfortably. With an aluminum structure, this stroller has two fixed wheels and two other double swivel to facilitate the direction of travel, and the chair has two foam-lined handles for a comfortable grip. If you need to take it in your mom or dad's car to go on vacation, don't worry, since it can be folded in a practical and simple way without taking up almost any space. The fabric of this chair is made of high quality fabric, in beige and details in light brown with tiny polka dots, in addition to covering the sun for babies, it has a small hood and to carry them well you will find a small harness, but that It is not all, since you also find a small basket in the lower part to carry what you need.

Approximate stroller measurements: 60 cm high, 29 cm wide and 53 cm deep. 

Approximate height to the handlebar: 60 cm. Recommended age: +3 years. Includes: 1 stroller chair.