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 The Covid -19

We have very limited stockd left until we can get more in from the Philippines. 

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Aim Global World

Welcome to Alliance In Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global)

Alliance In Motion Global also known as AIM Global, distributes and markets top-of-the line food supplements, beauty products, premium blended beverages and more. AIM Global is the only direct sales company accredited by Nature's Way USA as its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales.

AIM Global is considered one of the top companies in the MLM industry and is a staunch advocate of direct sales entrepreneurship. Its dynamic "pro-distributor" marketing plan has attracted and benefitted hundreds of thousands of distributors. The business has provided opportunities for distributors to gain financial independence and have provided a better future for their families.

If you are interested in joining as a distributor please contact us on [email protected]


Thermal Relief Patch

Pain affects everyone, some more than others. But when it strikes, it affects our way of life… Not ny more!

Uses Nano-Thermal DiaDynamics Technology

It is the first thermal patch in the world to use nano-diamonds in its delivery system where soothing heat is delivered in the molecular level.

All Natural

Nine natural ingredients are infused in microlayers, each known and used for decades to relieve pain. No synthetic substances were used in this great alternative to mainstream medicine. All natural, no side effects, just immediate soothing heat.

Everyday Care

Be free from the limitations that you’ve had for years and again start doing the things you’ve been wanting to do. Whenever you feel musculoskeletal pain, you can use these thermal patches, even everyday! Pain away!

A breakthrough product from Nature’s Way, C24/7 is the most nutritionally dense food concentrate in the world market today!

C 24/7 has the most number of anti-oxidants with approximately 22,000 phytonutrients in just 1 capsule using the Nanotechnology.  This wonderful product was formulated by 200 medical doctors, scientists and herbalists to make sure that all the nutrients will be carried perfectly in different parts of the body.

With all the benefits of C24/7, you will surely protect your body from various diseases and illnesses like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart and other degenerative diseases.  It promotes longevity, detoxifies the body, rejuvenates the skin and reduces fatigue and stress.

Herbal Toothpaste is a combination of natures most effective oral care ingredients – Bee propolis, Tea tree extract, Myrrh extract, Piper Betel extract, and Aloe Vera, fortified with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete Phyto-Energizer.

NaturaCentials herbal toothpaste cleans teeth, fights cavities, prevents plaque, keeps gums healthy and freshens breath.

A special supplement that uses environmentally and body-friendly ingredients that work in synergy to efficiently burn the excess fat in the body. It has the most effective,safe ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, White Kidney Bean and Linoleic Acid to give a fast result to your weight worries.

It's the first alkaline coffee in the world that balances the PH level of the body. What's more, it can protect the heart from various diseases and control blood pressure. It can also do wonders to your skin, sipping coffee while rejuvenating the skin is always a welcome treat!

Dermatologically-formulated to remove deep seated dirt, whiten skin, remove blemishes while leaving skin feeling cool and energized. Enjoy all these benefits without the harmful chemicals that may damage and dry your skin. This natural soap is made of bamboo charcoal and peppermint essential oil combined with Lumin8 Derma Complex, all-natural whitening ingredients made in Spain, tested in Japan.

Clinically proven to increase human dermal fibroblast cell growth and prevent depression of fibroblast activity as well as inhibit moisture release from skin, resulting in increased skin elasticity and rapid wrinkle prevention. Clinically proven to illuminate skin, eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage. Clinically proven to promote rapid, intense, and long-term whitening. Infuses a powerful burst of Oxygen to the skin to promote healing and encourage cell rejuvenation.

This natural feminine wash is dermatologically-tested pH balanced and contains 100% no harmful chemicals. Elemi oil helps prevent UTI, Guava leaf and Aloe Vera extracts prevent itchiness, block allergens, and act as an antibacterial and antisept

Men deserve a better, private and proper hygiene. It is dermatologically-tested to have 100% no harmful chemicals and pH balanced. Akapulko extract serves as an effective natural antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral active ingredient.