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Broderie Anglaise Cream Nursing Pillow

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 Broderie Anglaise Cream Nursing Pillow
This soft and comforting Kinder Valley nursing pillow is multifunctional, it can be used during and after pregnancy.
Its supportive curved shape makes it comfortable for you and your baby during and after pregnancy. The support pillow can be used at night to support your bump, and also used to raise baby to a comfortable height when breastfeeding.
It also has a washable removable cover just in case of any accidents.
This Kinder Valley nursing pillow has been designed with you in mind.
The Kinder Valley Nursing Pillow Features:
  • Can also be used at night time to support you and your baby
  • Comfortable and supportive for expecting mothers and post pregnancy
  • Supports baby whilst feeding
  • This pillow can be used during and after pregnancy